Climbing Formwork Systems.

İDES Climbing Systems

Thanks to the adjustable climbing head, assembled to the Ides climbing console 200, the large area wall formwork can be moved 60 cm away from the concrete surface without the need for a crane. The climbing console, the assembly hook and the formwork can be taken up to the next floor as a whole by the help of a crane, thus saving a significant amount of labor and time. It is recommended to use wind spanners at high levels.

After the formwork is mounted the assembly hook ensures that the dismantling of the climbing hook and wind spanner, the repair of concrete, etc. workmanship can be completed easily and safely. This system, which is mounted by means of a crane, is fixed to the wall concrete and if necessary connected to the formwork and ensures great facility in the construction of high structures.

The consoles have full safety preferences appropriate to working on the exterior and they are able to bear all kinds of loads. The consoles are assembled only once during the first pouring of wall concrete and the same measures are used for the upper levels until the work is completed. During the assembly of the consoles to the wall formwork, the holes left in the wall concrete or the climbing conics left in the concrete and which can be demounted afterwards, are utilized. If you want to mount the formwork without dismantling it from the consoles, the climbing brace and the adjustable climbing head system are used.

In this system use is made of a secondary bracing which is assembled vertically in front of the horizontal steel wall bracings and props, which are on the climbing platform, adjusted to bracings with a 90 degree angle to the formwork. After the formwork is separated from the concrete, it is set up again for an upper floor together with the consoles.



One-Sided Climbing System

The one-sided climbing consoles which are generally used in the construction of bridges, tunnels and dams are adjusted to the climbing conic. The climbing conics are twisted like screws and are assembled to the concrete that was cast before. Then the climbing hook and the consoles are fixed to these conics. The load struts and the climbing consoles transfer the whole concrete load applied to the formwork back to the concrete. After the formwork dismantling is done, these conics are dismantled with a special key and can be used again.



Climbing Lift Platform

Thanks to jointed lift hooks seated on niches put in the concrete, the lift climbing platforms can be mounted to an upper floor without additional assembly or dismantling.

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