Light Panel Wall And Column Systems.

Light Panel Wall Formwork

These are modular formworks, which are obtained by covering the concrete-facing surface of the sheet metal framework with plywood, water plywood or metal sheet. The formworks are produced in 35/100 – 150 – 200 – 40/100 – 150 – 200 – 50/100 – 150 – 200 etc. measures and are used at construction sites with no crane possibility. This system, which can easily be assembled manually as it is light, ensures the manufacturing of concrete in all measures and shapes. The fact that the measures are held as standard as possible provides the advantage that they can be adapted to any project. The panels, which are assembled with sfero cast connecting clips, connect to each other completely, thus making the the formwork impermeable. The formwork, whose concrete pressure is borne by 17 mm tie-rods and wing nuts, is mounted by means of struts. Assembly and dismantling can be implemented quickly and easily, providing the opportunity to make time and transport savings as a small amount of formwork can be reused numerous times. Moreover the adequate panel measures provide maximum advantage in storing and during transport.



Light Panel Column Formwork

Light panel column formworks are made of modular panels with measures according to the project. As there is no need for a crane the mounting can be done by hand. It is assembled with connection clips. It is vertically aligned by means of struts. Concrete pressure is borne by tie-rods and wing nuts. If column measures vary, the system is solved easily thanks to adaptor parts. The panels used in column assembly can also be used in wall formwork production. This allows to project to be realized with maximum savings. Transportation, assembly and dismantling are extremely easy, thus also ensuring time-saving.


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