İd 6 Scaffolding Systems.

It is optimum to use if the formwork is used continually and in order to carry heavy concrete loads. As the components, which build up the system, can be fixed with each other the complete system can be moved. In addition to the extensive height dimensioning opportunities by means of the adjustable feet/heads it also has a high load-carrying capacity.

The lengths and widths of the tables, which can be mounted with four, six or eight legs, provide the usage in required dimensions.

The available materials can be used as scaffolding systems at construction sites with no cranes. All of the materials, which build up the system, can be dismantled, transported and assembled again.

The materials forming this system, which provides safe formwork activities in high structures with heavy concrete loads, are the same materials as used in the id 6 system. The table modules are assembled alternately, fixed to each other with braces and the towers are mounted.

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