İD f – Scaffolding Systems.

This system is a well-proven heavy-duty support system, which is relatively light and easy to assemble. It is a multi-purpose system, suitable not only for falsework support but access as well, and is particularly suitable for building and civil engineering projects like motorway bridges as well as office and retail developments.


Flanged system is one of the strongest scaffold support systems available on the market and has consistently proven itself. Since its introduction we have maintained an intensive R & D programme and this, combined with the introduction of higher quality materials, has enabled us to upgrade the load capacity of the system. The system can support 46 kN per leg – a substantial capacity which can produce considerable material savings by achieving support grids up to 25% larger than other systems. All components are highly robust to resist damage.



Flanged system is a system that can offer major savings in both erection and dismantling times. The fastening method is quicker than other systems because up to 4 components can be fastened at once. The unique node point connection method rigidly captures and fastens ledgers by means of mobile top cup which is secured by hammer blows.

No nuts, bolts or wedges required.

We have progressively introduced to the flanged system components which eliminate the use of tubes and fittings. In particular we have systemized components to speed the time-consuming process of bracing the structure.


Yet flanged is not too heavy for manhandling – just the opposite in fact, as the 3.2 mm high grade steel used means that many components are up to 20% lighter than the traditional 4 mm tube systems.

The versatility of flanged system is a tremendous benefit: it can be used to support floor formwork systems with wooden beams or steel beams. For commercial and civil engineering projects there is often a need for access to the structures under construction. Cuplok is a genuine multi-purpose system that can be used to access scaffolds, staircase towers, mobile towers and loading bays.

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