The most appropriate material, which is necessary to obtain a concrete surface in the desired quality in formwork systems. The densely fibred wood provide uniform quality, high resistance and stability to the structure of the plywood. Thanks to the wood layers, which are glued together with a special adhesive they are humidity- and weather-resistant.

Both sides of the plywoods have been covered with a durable phenolic film layer. This layerprotects the plywood against the abrasive and chemical effects of the concrete.

The plates can easily be dismantled from the concrete and they are also easy to clean. A plate, which is lubricated and cleaned as required can be concreted front and back many times.Two types are used, birch and combi.

Consists of 11 layers at 15 mm.
Consists of 13 layers at 18 mm.
Consists of 15 layers at 21 mm.



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