İD h – Scaffolding Formwork System.

The id h scaffolding formwork system, which is very easy to assemble and dismantle, consists of only h frame, chassis and upper and lower adjustment rods. The chassis with 120 cm + 120 cm sizes is placed on the lower adjustment rods. The H frame with a height of 50 cm, which is placed opposite of the chassis and in a lapping manner, is brought to the desired height with levers. After the rough height is obtained half a chassis more is added to make the uppermost tower rigid and robust and and the fine floor adjustment is made with the upper adjustment rods.

The four-way heads on the upper adjustment rods ensure the flooring of the carrier wooden beams. This system, which is very easy to disassemble, can be transferred to the next assembly area by means of a mobile carrying device by considering only the four-way screw jack heads.

The fact that this system consists of only three materials shows that it is a very simple one. It is suitable for heights between 90 cm and 22 m without any pre-planning. At the same time it can easily be adapted to any kind of project.


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