İDES H 20 Super Timber Beam.

The IDES H20 Super timber beams are produced for versatile usage. The Ides H20 super timber beams, which provide advantages like high load carrying and lightness in column, wall and floor formwork systems, have wooden properties which enable them to resist to any kind of weather conditions. They also have the ability to transfer the loads resulting from firing, adhesive bonding and pressing systems, without any loss If you want to use Ides H20 super timber beams in your project, we recommend you to contact us to receive information about safe and economical usage.

The angled cuttings at the beginning and end of the beams prevent cracks in the wood and provide advantages in usage and loading.

The E-formed steel caps, which are pressed into galvanized timber at the heads, are resistant to any kind of weather conditions and provide protection against mechanical damage. This ensures longevity and thus high economic return.

Technical Properties:

M max = 5 kN m

Q max = 11 kN

A = 5,1 kg/m

Norm size [ m ] :

1,90 m -2,50 m – 2,65 m – 2,90 m

3,30 m – 3,60 m – 3,90 m – 4,50 m

4,90 m – 5,90 m



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